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Cronax Freezer or Polar rated PVC curtains are designed to keep your facilities protected from dust and other air contaminants while still maintaining proper door accessibility in a constant zero to negative ambient environment. These type of curtains are suggested to be used as internal divisions barriers separating one room from the other temperature regulated storages that are 0°C and below.These types of curtains can also be used in the door openings of refrigerated trucks or reefer vans to provide a barrier to protect the goods from dust contaminants.These types of curtains are also suggested to be used in walk-in freezer which maintains a constant temperature of 0°C and below.
ApperanceTint Blue/Tint GreenTint Blue/Tint GreenTint Blue/Tint Green
MaterialDOP Free/Food Grade/Non-PhthalateDOP Free/Food Grade/Non-PhthalateDOP Free/Food Grade/Non-Phthalate
Strip Size200mm300mm400mm
Full Roll Length50 Meters50 Meters50 Meters
UsageIndustrial / CommercialIndustrial / CommercialIndustrial / Commercial
Working TempratureNegative temprature upto 80 degreeNegative temprature upto 80 degreeNegative temprature upto 80 degree

Frequently Ask Questions

What is the purpose of air curtain?

Air curtains, sometimes referred to as fly fans, supply a high velocity stream of air across a door or opening that keeps pests out like insects, Mosquitoes & Flies from entering the building and Maintain the Temperature During the winter an air curtain creates a barrier that keeps out the cold air while in the summer the air stream keeps out the hot air from outside.

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